Application Process


Most members join the Club after successfully completing one of our ‘Introduction to Archery’ courses which we run three times a year in March/April, May and September. In fact it is a pre-requisite for joining that applicants have completed such a course of tuition (or similar). Details of how to join an ‘Introduction’ course can be found on the relevant page of this website.

Transferring from other Archery Clubs

If you wish to transfer your membership from another archery club please note that we will want to take references from your existing club. In addition, all applications are subject to consideration by the Club’s Committee, and therefore, there may be a delay of about 4-6 weeks before an applicant receives a response to their application. Applications received immediately from those successfully completing an ‘Introduction to Archery’ course are exempt from this requirement.

Probationary Period

All new members, including beginners and those transferring from other archery clubs, are subject to a three months probationary period. This period is to allow new members the opportunity to decide if membership of Bournemouth Archery Club is right for them. It also allows the Club the opportunity to ask members to leave if there are strong grounds for doing so. This is expected to be a very rare occurrence, and there would have to be a very good reason for the Committee to take such action. The safety of other archers is a specific example which may require intervention by the Committee.

It should be noted that members leaving during the probationary period would only receive a refund of their subscription payable to the archery club; fees paid to Bournemouth University Chapel Gate and to GNAS/GWAS/DWAA would not be refundable.

Membership Subscriptions 2023/2024

The membership fee is paid to cover membership from 1st August to 31st July annually. The subscription rates for the 2023/2024 membership year for the various categories are shown in the table below. The fees are subject to pro-rata additions or part-year reductions depending on when you join during the membership year. Please note that your membership fee entitles you to membership of Archery GB (AGB), Grand Western Archery Society (GWAS), Dorset and Wiltshire Archery Association (DWAA), and Bournemouth University Chapel Gate.

Please also note that membership for new members will be subject to pro-rata fees payable to Archery GB, GWAS and DWAA depending on when you join during the membership year.

Membership Fees

Fees Senior Over 25 Senior Disabled Senior 18-24 Joint Senior

Over 25

Junior *Junior (Family)
Archery GB £53.00 £17.00 £17.00 £106.00 £17.00 £17.00
Grand Western Archery Society £6.00 £0.00 £3.00 £12.00 £2.00 £2.00
Dorset & Wilts Archery Association £5.00 £0.00 £2.50 £10.00 £1.50 £1.50
BUCB Chapel Gate £65.00 £65.00 £65.00 £130.00 £22.00 £22.00
Bournemouth Archery Club £60.00 £.60.00 £42.50 £120.00 £29.50 £24.50
Total Payable £189.00 £142.00 £130.00 £378.00 £72.00 £67.00

* Family membership rates for Juniors apply where two adults from the same family are existing members of the Club.

Application Enquiries
Membership enquiries can be done by clicking on the link and completing the contact form: Membership enquiry