GWAS Committee Vacancies

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Hi All,

The Regional Council, Grand Western Archery Society has had a couple of vacancies during the past year and a couple more to fill going forwards.

Ideally we require two representatives to the Archery England committee, we have had one for the past year who is now not able to continue, I know more meetings but always good to keep in touch first hand with what is happening, all meetings are held remotely.

We require an Equipment Officer, the equipment at present is held not far from Dunster and we have been disposing of straw target bosses as using Ten Zone services so not a massive amount of equipment although first job would possibly be an inventory of equipment.

Last but by no means least, Vicky Burden, is not continuing with organizing the Junior Inter-Counties and Junior Indoor League, she has a new job and although she is still in post until the GWAS AGM in March, any interest now would mean a hand over from Vicky as the preparations begin for Junior Inter-Counties in September 2024.

Please feel free to join our happy team at GWAS Council, everyone is willing to help and support you in a new role, volunteering is essential to keep our sport continuing and growing.

Please contact me if you would like to enquire about any of the above, no pressure 😊

Speak to you soon

Denise Bunce
Hon Secretary
Grand Western Archery Society
Denise Bunce <>

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