In spring, 2007, it was decided that the old ‘beginner’s bows’ and equipment needed replacing – this equipment had served a number of Introduction Courses and set a lot of people on the road to a new sport, but it had had its day.

he Club successfully submitted a bid to the Awards For All lottery funding, securing £6,415 for the purchase of new equipment. 32 new recurve bows and 3 ‘Genesis’ bows were purchased along with sights, long rods, strings, quivers, bow slings, arm and finger tabs, chest guards and bow bags. New sets of arrows were also bought and sufficient money was available to purchase 8 new bosses specifically for use on the Introduction Courses. A new storage cupboard was installed in the Clubhouse to provide a home for all the new equipment and the bows had their first outing on the May Introduction Course.

On the 16th June ex Olympic Bronze medallist, Steve Hallard came to Bournemouth Archery Club to present the ‘Awards for All’ plaque to members of the BAC committee.

BAC is very grateful to ‘Awards for All’ for the funding they’ve provided and for enabling BAC to provide newcomers to the sport with decent equipment that will give them a good grounding in what archery is all about.