The History of Bournemouth Archery Club

Sometime in 1962 a gentleman called Mervin Card noticed an unused plot of ground near to where he lived in Kinson, North Bournemouth.

Being a keen archer and eager to find a location nearer to his home, he made a few enquiries, which eventually led him to the Civil Service ground in Manor Farm Road. Mr. Card submitted an application requesting the possibility to be able to shoot on that plot. It was accepted and archery got a foothold in the area.

Merv had his archery equipment but unfortunately, in the early stages, no target. He overcame this problem by renting, from an adjoining farm, a bale of straw for one shilling a week (5p). This got him shooting and the club started to expand and so the necessary tackle was obtained. In 1963 the group that participated decided to name the Club 'Ensbury Archers.'

As the years passed, the numbers had increased which pushed the comittee into a more business-like approach to the running of the Club. It became more active; tournaments were held and fund raising events promoted the club still further.

Being the only remaining archery club left in Bournemouth, pressure was growing from all quarters to rename the club to include the name Bournemouth. This was to eventually happen on the first April 1982. 'Bournemouth Archery Club' emerged.

The numbers grew still further and a situation had arrived where due to the extra activities put on by the Civil Service Club to improve their revenue, shooting became cramped and dangerous.

We had to look for a new home and how fortunate we were when an interest was shown by Bournemouth Sports Club towards us and our Club responded positively. An Extra Ordinary Meeting (E.O.M.) was held, a vote taken and the Club had a new home, Chapel Gate.

As 1982 saw the change in the Club's name from the Ensbury Archers into 'Bournemouth Archery Club' it was evident a new badge was required.

Ideas for this were requested by the committee and of numerous ones submitted, one designed by John Richardson was selected.

The thinking behind this design was taken from the Bournemouth Coat of Arms - a blue lion holding the Hampshire rose between its paws upon a yellow background. The rose was replaced with two arrows.

It was decided to choose only two, as one seemed to give an unbalanced effect, whilst three became cluttered. The Blue Lion with its yellow background was placed upon a circular base. The words 'Bournemouth Archery Club' were placed into white scrolls above and below the lion in red. All colours of our emblem coincide unintentionally, with those used on the major target faces, worldwide.