Access to Shooting Site on Mini Rugby at Chapel Gate

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Please note that access to our shooting field on Mini Rugby will change from tomorrow morning following the start of the major works at Chapel Gate.  The track going past the Astro pitches will be closed off during these works so no vehicles or members will be able to use the track to get to our shooting site.

Therefore, we have secured an alternative route for members starting tomorrow, 10th May.  Members should drive to beyond the main clubhouse and towards the changing block on your left.  As you approach the main Rugby pitch you turn right onto the track that leads to the pitches leading towards Mini Rugby – this is on the far side of the Gun Club building.  The track will be fenced and signage in place. Effectively you will then be able to park on the space in front of Rugby 2 which is the pitch adjoining Mini Rugby.  This parking area is for Archery members only.

Please park your vehicle close to the hedge line away from the playing area, and lengthways so you are pointing down the field.  It is recommended that you reverse in so you are able to simply drive out when you leave.  Avoid blocking people in when you park.  The parking area stops at the end of the hedge line of gorse bushes which gives a space of about 15 yards to the existing roped off safety line on our shooting area.  You can then simply walk the short distance to our shooting range.  N.B. all members including those who are disabled must park in this designated area, and no vehicles are to be driven onto the Mini Rugby field for health & safety reasons.

It is likely that these new access arrangements will be in place for some weeks with the works due to finish towards the end of July.

The current plan for the works as supplied by BU is as follows;

  • The next 4 weeks (until the w/c 7th June)  will see the removal of the current astro pitch and floodlights, and the start of the groundworks for installation.
  • The following 6 weeks (up to the w/c 12th July)  will see the installation of the new pitch including fencing, and all floodlights.
  • The final 2 weeks (up to w/c 3nd August) will see the car park stripped and resurfaced.

There may be some amendments during the process, but BU will communicate any significant changes to this schedule.

The majority of work will take place Mon-Fri between 9-5, so there should be very minimal impact to most evening and weekend sport. Daytime users during the week should be aware of the potential for additional traffic associated with the work which may cause delays. Large vehicles will need to access the track for deliveries and/or collections, so there may be times whereby access past this junction is restricted temporarily, however BU will do their best to  minimise any disruption.

During the work, the following pitches will be unavailable:

  • Both hockey pitches
  • Football 1 & 2
  • Rugby 1 & the utility area
  • Football 3, 4 & 5 will be restricted to training only midweek and matches at the weekend due to proximity to the works

I apologise for the short notice but we were only informed of the new arrangements today.  Your co-operation and understanding will be appreciated during this time.

Kind regards.

David Williams



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