GWAS and DWAA Committee Vacancies

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Following the GWAS AGM last Sunday each constituent county organisation was asked post-AGM to circulate to its members that a volunteer Hon. Secretary is needed for the regional society as that role is now vacant with no volunteers prior to or at the AGM.
More details on the Role & Responsibilities can be found on pages 6-7 of;
GWAS Terms of Reference
This role also includes being the registered postal address of the Society and other Executive obligations as per the GWAS Constitution.

Whilst it is a volunteer role, any expense are paid.

If anyone is interested in this Regional role please contact GWAS via, or DWAA via
The DWAA are also still looking for volunteers for the county roles of;
• Hon. Secretary – vacant since May 2019
• Hon. Treasurer & Affiliations Officer – vacant as of the next AGM
• Tournament Organiser(s) – vacant since October 2020
• Webmaster – vacant since June 2020
• County Development Co-ordinator
More Judges are also always wanted too
If interested contact

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